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Steve Sakkas

Steve Sakkas

Chief Executive Officer

Steve embodies Moore Australia’s proud ethos of high standards in professionalism, integrity and excellence in client service. As Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian practice, he draws on over 25 years’ experience and a solid background in top-tier accounting and legal firms to confidently steer the strategic direction of the firm, driving business to new levels of growth and success.

The breadth of Steve’s role ensures he works across all aspects of the business. Key aspects include firm governance, streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies, driving the firm’s strategy, leading Directors and staff, managing stakeholder relationships and representing the firm publicly.

Since joining the firm, he has also instigated and managed three mergers for the firm and successfully implemented a strategic plan to achieve desired outcomes for the organisation. This included formulating plans for client growth, recruitment, leadership and development, amalgamations and profitability, as well as developing the firm’s culture, brand and identity.

Steve is passionate about the firm, its clients and its people. He leads by example in creating an environment that encourages participation and embraces new ideas and respect amongst team members and key stakeholders.


  • Firm and Corporate Governance 
  • Leadership and Development 
  • Strategic Development & Internal Performance Management 
  • Detailed Strategic Plans 
  • Partner Performance Criteria and Key Performance Indicators 
  • Financial Benchmarking 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions and Back-Office Restructuring