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IPO Preparation

At Moore Australia, we partner with you to confirm your IPO-readiness and deliver a successful listing.   
Deciding to become a public company is a major step for any organisation. It can provide capital for growth, create a market for shares, enhance the profile and credibility of the business, and provide an exit strategy for the business's owners.
While an initial public offering (IPO) can deliver substantial benefits, the preparation required to achieve a successful listing is significant. Detailed strategic planning and careful project management will place your business in the best position to optimise the timing of your listing and maximise fundraising opportunities to achieve your long term objectives. 
At Moore Australia, we work with you at every stage of IPO preparation to ensure you receive a valuation that reflects your organisation’s true worth. Initially, we’ll help you to consider the pros and cons of listing and consider alternative options. If you decide to proceed with an IPO, we’ll perform a thorough company review and IPO-readiness assessment, determine the most appropriate capital market for your business and assess market appetite and the anticipated timing of the IPO.
Our team has a strong track record of guiding companies across the globe through the IPO process for capital markets internationally. We take a hands-on approach, working with your management team and financial advisors to provide timely, practical and commercially-minded advice.