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Family Office

Managing the financial affairs of affluent families requires specialist expertise combined with the human touch. At Moore Australia we tailor our professional service to suit your particular requirements, helping to protect your wealth both today and for future generations.

Our Family Office division offers support to single families or groups of families – helping to manage all of their financial affairs. As a client, you can be confident about our focus on managing, building and sustaining your wealth for current and future generations.
There are many reasons why having a family office makes sense, but at the root of these is the desire to ensure smooth intergenerational transfer of wealth and to reduce family disputes. This desire inevitably increases from one generation to the next, as the complexity of managing the family’s wealth grows.
We understand that no family is exactly the same, and nor are their circumstances and service requirements. We therefore tailor our support to meet your needs and preferences, reflecting the activities that your family undertakes or wishes to pursue. We work with you to define your purpose, vision and goals and implement these objectives with you. Many clients look for our services in relation to some or all of the following areas:

  • Governance – ensuring accurate records are kept and that there is a strong reporting culture for the family. Encouraging transparency and healthy communication between family members.

  • Succession planning – helping protect and grow your wealth for current and future generations by ensuring all family members have an understanding of the purpose of the wealth today, the goals for the future, and working together on investment strategies and estate planning.

  • Investment management, banking and treasury – managing service providers and supporting the achievement of the family’s wealth and financial management goals

  • Overseeing relationships with family businesses – ensuring that the interests of all shareholders are properly represented • Private equity and direct business investment support –introducing advisors and implementing family decisions to invest in private businesses

  • Property related transaction support – finding and negotiating property purchases for residential, leisure or investment purposes, as well as considering appropriate holding structures, tax and succession implications • Philanthropic activities – providing flexible support to help families develop and implement their philanthropic strategy, covering individual charitable donations or establishment and administration of their own private ancillary fund

  • Administrative and concierge services – this is the back office services which are essential to the smooth running of a family office

Legal, tax and structuring issues arise in all these areas. We ensure these are addressed appropriately, either by calling on the expertise of Family Office team members, expertise within the wider Moore Australia network or by turning to specialist external advice.
Our approach
We are guided by your needs, providing the level of service you require. Some families look to our Family Office to set their agenda and play a lead role in facilitating decisions. Some families prefer to make key decisions themselves, but rely on our Family Office to implement those decisions and provide administrative support.