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Family Office

Our family office service acts as advisory and wealth-management support for high net-worth families. 

We focus on helping you plan for continued family involvement, protecting your wealth today and for future generations.  To protect your reputation and build solid, innovative brands and businesses, to ensure the successful transfer of wealth and prudent ongoing management across generations.

We offer support to individuals, single families or family groups, helping you to manage all your financial affairs including managing, building and sustaining your wealth.

We understand that all family office needs are different, and we therefore tailor our support to meet your bespoke needs and goals.  Working with you, we can help to define your purpose, vision and goals and help you implement activities you want to pursue.


  • Governance and structure 
We assist family businesses with the facilitation and the development of governance structures including family charters, councils and forums, to introducing processes and tools to help families achieve better communication, collaboration and decision-making.

Development and communication of these structures and guidelines ensure families are keeping accurate records and encouraging a strong reporting culture for the family, transparency and healthy communication between family members.
Advisors can provide valuable assistance in developing and implementing a succession plan.  We can ensure a smooth and successful transition of leadership, helping protect and grow your wealth for current and future generations and facilitate communication between family members so they all understand the purpose of the wealth, goals and how to work together on investment strategies and estate planning for their future.
  • Investment management and strategies
A family office may need help in developing an investment strategy that aligns with its long-term goals and values.  Our advisors can assist in identifying and assessing investment opportunities, including equities, bonds, real estate, private equity, and alternative investments.  Manage the various service providers to support the achievement of the family’s wealth and financial management goals.

We can introduce appropriate advisors to support the family values and goals and implement family decisions when investing in private businesses.
  • Property related transaction support. 
Finding and negotiating property purchases for residential, leisure or investment purposes, we consider your family goals and values as well as appropriate holding structures, tax and succession implications. 
  • Philanthropy
Providing flexible support to help develop and implement your philanthropic strategy, we can cover individual charitable donations or establishment and administration of your own private ancillary fund.
  • Relationship management
Ensuring that the interests of all shareholders are represented equally, we can help with wills, powers of attorney, succession and estate planning. 

Our team is adept at relationship building and will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism when representing your family.
  • Administration and concierge services. 

Essential to a successful family office structure, we support the smooth running of back office including bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, staff recruitment, payroll and more.
Our trusted advisor approach to everything we do means we can ensure all aspects of the family office are covered, connecting with other experts as needed to guarantee the right advice for all your legal, tax and structuring issues.

Family office is more than taking care of your financial and business arrangements.  We need to know and understand your family and have your best interests at heart. 

We are guided by what your family office needs.  From setting your agenda, leading and facilitation decisions, providing advice and support to implement decisions and provide administration support, we can do as little or as much as you need.