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ESG and Sustainability Reporting and Consulting

The International Reporting Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has finalised the issuance of the first two global Sustainability Reporting standards and the AASB is expected to have the final standards adjusted to Australian context in the first half of 2024.  

Although there are still a number of years before the reporting standards become mandatory for many organisations in Australia, some smaller entities may be required to prepare disclosures ahead of the mandatory application dates to meet demands from large customers, suppliers, and financiers. 
It is important that your organisation starts the assessment process early, to ensure you don’t fall behind or lose out on critical opportunities.

Moore Australia teams are here to support you in meeting the new and changing sustainability standards.

Our teams can:

  • Advise on sustainability and disclosure responsibilities and reporting metrics.
  • Review reporting metrics for relevancy, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and consistency
  • Review reporting for consistency with formal financial disclosures.
  • Conduct materiality or risk assessments.
  • Perform internal audit comparing to legislative obligations, policies, procedures and better practice principles.
  • Develop and maintain an ESG internal control environment.
  • Develop or review policy frameworks ensuring they are robust, current and drive a strong ESG culture.
  • Monitor risk-based compliance informed by experienced practitioners who know where and what you need to watch.
  • Review or assess key or emerging areas.
  • Perform data analytics to identify key or emerging risk areas.
  • Prepare better practice reporting templates, governance reporting and dashboards to monitor escalate and assure.
  • Provide workshops, training, surveys and culture check-ins for awareness and to maintain an embedded ESG culture.
  • Second staff to augment ESG efforts.

ESG reporting is concerned with how an organisation:
  • Performs as a steward of nature
  • Manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the community
  • Is governed.

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