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Property and Construction

Property and construction is an integral industry to Australian society with far-reaching impacts upon how we live and work and accessibility to infrastructure including educational institutions and hospitals and other essential services. There are many challenges that come with being in property and construction; whether you are a developer, builder, owner or investor in property, the property market can be a difficult market to be in given its tendency to fluctuate.

Understanding the nature of the market and the regulations that are imposed upon it is important for all individuals participating in the property venture. It could be a residential dwelling, commercial building, high-rise residential or commercial, aged care facility or a hospital or school; regardless of the type of property, comprehending the market trend and regulatory framework is crucial to construction and development.

Interest rates, property pricing and market trends, housing debt and tax such as Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax are all aspects to be aware of when operating in the property and construction market. With Stamp Duty relief for first home buyers and the First Home Buyers Grant, if you are entering the property market for the first time to purchase your dream home there is some relief of costs associated with purchase. However, investors and developers still need to be conscious of taxes and other areas of Government regulation and legislative frameworks.

Regulations affect developer and investor motivation but imagine if you have the right company by your side to offer pertinent advice which is important for you to know when managing in the property market. Moore Australia has a suitably-qualified team of specialists who know the property and construction market inside out and can cater for your needs. Whether it is advice on taxes, structuring, cash flow and finance costs, our team delivers sound and informed advice to help you make decisions.

We understand the goals of developers, builders, fund managers, owners and investors and we also understand the property market and the fluctuation and regulations such as compliance associated with the market. This means you can rest assured that we can tailor our advice to suit your requirements and help you achieve your goals in an optimal manner.