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As specialists in education, Moore Australia supports over hundreds of educational institutions including independent and Catholic schools as well as performing arts organisations.

To be an exceptional Educator in today’s world is not only about traditional classrooms and quality teaching as well as facilities, it’s more than that. Remaining abreast of educational changes and updates to trends, regulatory and legislative frameworks and requirements and harnessing the latest technological platforms are all important aspects of education.

Utilising Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and preparing conducive infrastructure for quality teaching and learning is increasingly common and online learning has been taken up in waves of advancement using Learning Management Systems (LMS). The need to satisfy students and families/parents/caregivers with positive and productive experiences in learning is integral to facilitating instruction and educational institutions and  Educators need viable solutions to continue delivering excellence in teaching.

Moore Australia understands education and the importance of funding a student population with adequate numbers of instructors; we offer feasible solutions tailored to your needs and support your institution or organisation with a far-reaching aptitude for fostering success.