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Moore360 SME Diagnostic

A 360 degree view of your business’ opportunities, key risks and challenges. Our team of business experts will help you strategically focus resources to make the most impact.

A key driver of organisational success is proactively prioritising and focusing the organisation’s limited resources on the ‘vital few’ (rather than ‘trivial many’) actions. Moore Australia’s diagnostic tool offers a business health check. It helps understand your ‘vital few’ with a view to identifying and prioritising key risks, challenges and improvement opportunities.


Any small or medium sized enterprise can benefit from a health check.

As organisations grow, leaders often lose focus as they battle to manage the daily challenges and opportunities associated with growing a business which include:

  • building sales
  • managing people
  • controlling operations
  • keeping on top of finances


As a trusted advisor, Moore Australia is well placed to help your organisation take the next step in its journey and help identify key strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats that may be present in your organisation. Moore Australia have created a custom-built business diagnostic tool to help businesses identify and face the challenges in ever changing markets.


We run face-to-face workshops with senior leaders within your organisation to gain a deeper understanding of your business and what makes it tick. The purpose of the workshop is to take a deep dive into various areas in your business focusing on the following questions for you, the people leading the business:

  • Vision & Strategy evaluation - Are you clear (and aligned) on what you want to achieve? Do you know how you are going to realise your objectives by implementing a realistic and prioritised action plan?
  • Business development - Do you know exactly which markets you are targeting and how/why your value proposition and BD practices will ensure that you grow revenues?
  • People - Are you attracting, engaging, developing and retaining the calibre (and number) of people you need to meet your business objectives?
  • Operations - Are your operations managed in such a way that you can consistently deliver your offerings?
  • Finance - Do you have the right information and financing in place necessary to meet your objectives?

Following our tailored workshop, we assess the current state of the business and identify the key risks/ challenges and opportunities for improvement that can help you optimise your business performance.

By bringing clarity, focus and control back to the forefront of leadership agenda, we identify areas for business improvement and provide solutions tailored to meet your business’ needs.


Moore Australia has business advisors across Australia, supported by a global network of experts. Contact your local expert today to find out how your business can use the Moore360 diagnostic tool