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Food Services

We are one of the largest providers of professional services to the agriculture and food sector. Our team has a deep affinity with the sector built from their close working relationships with family food businesses, specialist knowledge gained from our experience with the value chain and our long-standing relationships with key industry bodies and stakeholders.

In the challenging food, drink and consumer products sectors, manufacturers and importers are adapting to fast-changing business conditions through innovative product development, new technologies, supply chain enhancements and business acquisitions and divestments.
Creating a strong brand identity, battling for shelf space, leveraging new product categories and growing the customer base are also core concerns for consumer product companies.
Increasingly, successful industry participants acknowledge the role of professional advisers in refining their business strategies and executing their plans. They know that the best advice is based on solid industry experience. Our team has first-hand experience in dealing with farmers, governments, exporters, investors and industry bodies, along with knowledge of the practice, technological, regulatory and operating environment of the Australian food sector.
With years of knowledge, expertise and passion that comes only from ‘hands on’ experience, our team services the needs of family run food businesses, large internationally operated primary producers to local and foreign investors looking to capitalise on Australia’s booming food sector.
We work with leading clients in the food sector and consumer product companies. These clients depend on us to augment their internal capabilities and obtain a fresh, independent perspective on important strategic and operational issues.
We treat our clients’ businesses as if they are our own: we get the job done, solve problems, open doors, and come up with new ideas. With our global reach, capacity and breadth of experience, we take our role seriously – to be an adviser our clients can relate to and understand, providing simple, uncomplicated answers to complex and complicated issues. 
How we work with you

  • Complying with reporting and regulatory obligations
  • Exploring market entry and expansion opportunities
  • Seeking investment opportunities and finance
  • Identifying government grants and concessions
  • Evaluating debt and equity levels
  • Considering succession and ownership transition options
  • Reviewing the economic viability of a business or project
  • Identifying areas for performance improvement
  • Evaluating product costing and pricing strategy
  • Execution of the business plan
  • Seeking Research and Development Funding
  • Understanding implications of the government’s climate change initiatives
  • Preparing for sale or public listing