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Estate Planning

At Moore Australia, we help you to devise and implement an estate plan that protects your wealth and secures your family’s financial future.

Estate planning is a complex and often emotionally challenging process. You’ll be asked to consider many financial, tax and legal issues as you decide what you’d like to happen to your wealth if you pass away or become permanently incapacitated. While estate planning can be an uncomfortable topic for many people to consider, taking a proactive approach will mean your estate is passed to your chosen beneficiaries as you’d anticipated. 
Our advisors work with you to create and maintain an estate plan that reflects your wishes while ensuring that your estate is managed in the most financially efficient and tax-effective way. We take a personal approach, investing time in understanding your circumstances, challenges and priorities before developing a personalised plan that gives confidence and clarity to you and your beneficiaries.
We build meaningful connections with our clients which allow us to provide tailored advice and guidance to simplify and streamline the estate planning process. As trusted advisors, we’ll facilitate difficult conversations and encourage you to explore scenarios you may not have considered to ensure your estate plan covers all aspects.