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Exciting times for DY6 Metals Ltd

DY6 Metals Ltd debuts on the ASX with $7M IPO

Moore Australia

Moore Australia congratulates DY6 Metals Ltd for its successful listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

“We are delighted for DY6 Metals, and for being able to be part of their journey in listing today”, says Moore Australia (WA) Managing Partner, David Tomasi.

“The initial public offering (IPO) provides the ideal platform to advance their exploration within the Southern region of Malawi which is rich in heavy rare-earth metals”, says David.

Moore Australia partners Neil Pace and Suan-Lee Tan, together with Director Carmin Johnson led the corporate finance and audit engagement teams.

“It’s been a pleasure working with DY6 Metals and being part of the team that has taken the company to a listing on the ASX. We wish them success going forward”, says Neil.

About DY6 Metals

DY6 Metals Ltd is a company that specialises in exploring and developing mineral resources. They have a particular focus on heavy rare-earth and critical metals in Malawi. Their main activities involve acquiring promising projects related to exploration and development of these resources.

There are three exceptionally promising projects in the Southern region of Malawi. This area has a proven track record of hosting economically viable deposits of rare earth elements. The projects are taking place in Machinga, Salambidwe and Ngala Hill.

The projects encompass historical drilling and workings that have yielded high-grade mineral deposits located close to the surface. These projects have been significantly underexplored, presenting a unique opportunity to discover and define new zones of mineralisation.

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