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At Moore Australia, we help you to simplify complexity and establish the optimum structure for your property project to protect yourself and maximise returns and investor interest.
The property market is notoriously unpredictable. While property development projects can deliver large profits, these potential returns are associated with significant risks. The length of the development lifecycle means that changes to market sentiment, interest rates and construction costs are common, particularly where a project’s lifespan stretches for many years. Working with an experienced property and construction advisory team gives you the best chance of minimising risk and maximising the profit of your property project.     
At Moore Australia, we work with industrial, commercial and residential clients across all sectors to provide specialist property and construction advice. Whether you’re an experienced property developer or someone starting your first property project, we’ll support you with tailored advice to ensure your project is structured to protect your assets and minimise the amount of property tax payable.   
If your desired project outcome changes over the course of your construction project (from build-to-retain to build-to-sell, for example), we can guide you through managing the risk and regulatory challenges associated with this shift.