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Moore Australia welcomes migration agents Minh Nguyen and Ruobing Yang

Moore Australia welcomes migration agents Minh Nguyen and Ruobing Yang

Moore Australia media team

Moore Australia (NSW) is proud to welcome Minh Nugyen as a registered migration agent, and Ruobing Yang as Migration Advisor to the team. Between them, they represent over 20 years’ experience in Migration.
  • Immigration to Australia fell 71% in 2020-2021*
  • Office of Home Affairs aims to attract 19,600 skilled workers to Australia in 2022*
The strategic decision to add a full suite of migration services will assist clients who are having to look overseas to hire talent.  Australia has been facing skills shortages in the past years, following border closures and reduced migration to the country. 

Jason Yu, Managing Partner at Moore Australia (NSW) mentioned: “It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on the Australian labour market, and our clients have been feeling the impact. Some have had to put growth plans on hold to wait for additional staff.”

“Over the past 12 months we have been implementing our strategic plan to extend our services to ensure we are able to look after every aspect of our clients’ business. This included the earlier introduction of a Cybersecurity service line. The addition of Migration Services will help our clients grow and thrive.”

Nugyen and Yang are experienced migration agents, and have been supporting corporate clients with a range of services including skilled talent acquisitions.

Minh Nugyen, Migration Agent at Moore Australia commented: “Both Ruobing and I are very passionate about supporting businesses and individuals during, what is often seen as, one of the most stressful processes. Our ability to provide an end-to-end migration service means the client can do what they do best: running their business.”

“We felt a strong alignment between Moore Australia’s core values, people-based approach and drive to deliver a world-class service.”

*ABS in Business Australia: