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Be on alert for scammers

Be on alert for scammers

Moore Australia

Being alert to scammers is good practice at any time of year. But especially around tax time it is important to be extra vigilant and remind yourself of the security threats scammers pose to individuals and businesses.

Scams are constantly changing and scammers are becoming more sophisticated, taking advantage of new technology, products, local events or crises. 

Anyone can be a victim of a scam.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) warns of three particular types of scams which have been rife recently, where scammers have attempted to impersonate the ATO:

  1. Social Media.  Offers to help people with their tax and superannuation questions.  This is only a ruse to help themselves to your information. It is important that you only interact with verified social media accounts.
  2. Emails.  Be cautious of emails where impersonators are sending you links that could look real but when clicked leads you to a fake online portal for the scammers to steal your details, including your myGov login credentials.  It is best to access government services directly via, or the ATO app.
  3. Phone calls. Scammers are known for impersonating others, making phone calls and doing their best to keep you engaged in conversation to collect as much information as possible.

Additionally, scammers frequently use SMS text messages to trap potential victims in their nets.

It is prudent to be aware of possible scam activities and not to engage with any suspicious contact, whether online or on the phone.

We want to remind our clients to remain vigilant and if you are ever unsure, please contact the Australian Cyber Security Centre or your trusted advisor.