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Part of our mission at Moore Australia (VIC) is to foster and strengthen our relationships with one time team members who have contributed to the success of our organisation as we see it today. 

Moore Australia is continually evolving, building on over 40 years of experience to focus on fresh ideas and perspectives that make the difference.

Our objective is to grow your business through strategic and proactive thinking and utilising the strength of our global Network.

While staff may have moved on to another professions and career challenges, we endeavour to stay in touch and help them connect with other former colleagues and friends. 

Our alumni program is about fostering a lifelong relationship that our alumni and retired partners, have developed with Moore Australia and each other and to maintain strong ties and connections.

In addition to keeping connected, we will keep Alumni up to date with Moore Australia publications, information on events and valuable informational session.

If you have worked for Moore Australia (VIC) (or a predecessor firm), please contact your local advisor: 

Moore Stephens Victoria
T +61 3 9608 0100
F +61 3 9608 0192