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Forensic Services

At Moore Australia, we provide a comprehensive suite of forensic services to support fraud prevention and mitigation.
As the commercial landscape evolves at a rapid pace, fraud poses a growing challenge to organisations worldwide. Fraud can result in significant financial loss, damage to your brand reputation and loss of trust by both customers and the market. For these reasons, businesses are increasingly looking to build their fraud prevention capability via a strengthened approach to fraud risk management.
At Moore Australia, we partner with you to take a proactive approach to preventing fraud and mitigating its consequences. We can help you to evaluate your fraud risk exposure, design processes and review controls to boost your fraud prevention approach, and support you to deal with fraud effectively if it does occur.     
We bring deep technical and sector expertise to matters including fraud in data collection and analysis, accounting irregularities, litigation resolution and compliance issues. If you’ve identified a potential fraud issue, we’ll take fast action to manage and mitigate the problem before it escalates.