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Governance & Risk Oversight

At Moore Australia, we help you to strengthen your governance approach and manage your risk exposure while growing your business.
The increasingly global nature of business, rapid technological change and more stringent regulatory requirements mean that a robust approach to governance and risk management is a business imperative in today’s market. Many organisations are grappling with the challenge of remaining competitive and meeting expanded stakeholder expectations while managing risk appropriately.
At Moore Australia, we can help you to review and strengthen your governance framework and systems to ensure they support a sound approach to risk management and promote ethical decision making and employee behaviour. From evaluating the composition of your board to reviewing the skills and experience of individual directors, identifying governance gaps and conducting training for senior members of staff, we can provide practical and actional advice.
We help businesses of all sizes to identify and manage their risk exposure while staying focused on their strategy and commercial objectives. We take an integrated and commercially-minded approach, considering aspects including financial, strategic, operational, political and reputational risk.
We can help you to prepare comprehensive business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery plans, and support you to execute these if they’re required.