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Board Advisory Services

At Moore Australia, we help you to evaluate and build the capability and effectiveness of your board.
An organisation’s board has a critical role to play in the success of that business. As the pace of corporate change accelerates, boards must be able to recognise and meet challenges while identifying and exploiting opportunities to ensure the success and growth of their business.
At Moore Australia, we work with companies to support their boards and directors to build their capability in the areas of strategy, risk and governance. Many boards are limited in their ability to access an independent view of that organisation’s financial situation, performance and risk profile. Our expertise is providing a thorough, unbiased and commercially-sound overview of these aspects to support informed and confident decision making.
Today’s, a high-performing board must operate with many stakeholders in mind and an appreciation of their collective and individual responsibilities to these groups. Juggling the diverse – and sometimes competing – needs of investors, senior leaders, employees, customers and the wider community requires substantial skill, focus and agility.  
We’ll partner with you to review and improve your governance framework and systems, evaluate the strengths and development areas of your board, and embed systems, processes and tools that support a more robust approach to board meetings and reporting.