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Business structuring and succession planning

At Moore Australia, we work with you to identify an entity structure and succession plan that will ensure a smooth transition and preserve your business’s value.
A strategic and proactive approach to business structuring and succession planning is vital for private, owner-managed or family-owned businesses. Effective structuring and succession planning will support you to grow your business, enjoy tax efficiencies, protect your assets and minimise risk and the cost of compliance. However, it’s often something business owners don’t dedicate enough time or focus to.
At Moore Australia, we guide you through the succession planning process,  helping you to identify the right solution for your business and put plans in place to facilitate a smooth transition to your desired end state. We’ll review your existing structure and evaluate it against your intended succession plan, ensuring that both aspects support your succession aspirations.
For many business owners, succession planning is a deeply personal and emotionally challenging endeavour. We take the time to understand what’s important to you and partner with you to develop a tailored succession plan that preserves your business’s value and future growth potential while meeting your personal goals.  
Whatever your succession timeline, we can support you with strategic thinking, expertise and independent advice.