Board alignment and governance reviews

At Moore Australia, we help you to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and performance of your board.
Board alignment and governance reviews are an important part of driving continuous improvement in a board’s performance. More than a compliance exercise, an independent review of how your board operates can add significant value to your business by providing insights into your board’s operation and its interaction with key stakeholders.
At Moore Australia, we work with clients from all sectors to provide comprehensive board reviews that deliver tailored, unbiased and actionable insights. We’ll assess your board’s composition, culture and dynamics, its decision-making process and the relationship between your board and its key stakeholders. The outcome is a detailed appraisal that offers an independent evaluation of your board’s strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.
We can work with you to drive board effectiveness both now and into the future. We’ll help you to embed best practice approaches to enable a high-performing board and create a clear board succession plan that supports a more proactive and strategic approach to board succession.