Peter has 20 years experience in capital markets and corporate finance.

Peter has broad experience across the entire corporate finance and capital markets sector as a result of his involvement in both corporate finance advisory and equities research. Peter’s skill base is grounded in a detailed understanding of valuations and valuation methodology. With his years spent providing investment advice to a range of sophisticated and institutional investors, Peter has built an envious platform to deliver capital markets advice and M&A advisory services across a range of sectors. 

An ability to understand the value propositions of a company is vital when negotiating and advising on a business sale or purchase. Peter’s background in completing due diligence, valuations and investment advice means he is uniquely positioned to find, create and negotiate value for clients, whether acting on the buy side or the sell side.

Peter has assisted companies across a range of industries, including mining services, oil and gas, retail, construction and engineering, food and beverages, and mining and exploration.