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Partner; Business Advisor for SMEs, Taxation Expert, Health Industry Specialist

Adam is a Partner at Moore Australia (NSW) specialising in business advice for SMEs, particularly in the health industry. His approach to business is very hands on and personal and he will regularly schedule time to visit clients and work with them face to face.

This personalised approach helps ensure clarity between himself and the client, as well as give him greater insight into the way a client’s business operates. By experiencing business environments first hand, he's been able to identify a number of issues he may otherwise have missed if he'd worked solely from his office.

It also means he can continue to grow with the health industry, offering relevant advice to a range of clients including podiatrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and dentists across Sydney. This local market knowledge is often appreciated by as it demonstrates his commitment to personalised and dedicated service.

Every industry has its nuances, which is why it’s important to see accountants and business advisors with relevant experience and a detailed knowledge of how your industry operates. From tax advice, financial reporting, setting up your business and regulatory obligations, it pays to consult a specialist.

Adam also looks after a number of wholesalers, TABs, property developers and international clients, with a focus on export grant and immigration needs. Being able to speak conversational Mandarin means he can look after international clients from China and Taiwan without the need for a translator.

Ongoing education is important to Adam, which is why he is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is also a fully qualified MYOB consultant which gives him the opportunity to educate others.


  • Audit Quality
  • Corporate Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Finance
  • Taxation


  • Health and Aged Care
  • Property and Construction