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Critical Minerals - Australia

Critical Minerals - Australia

Darby Young

What is a Critical Mineral? 
A critical mineral is a metallic or non-metallic element essential for modern tech, economies, or national security, and has a supply chain at risk of disruption.

Which Minerals Are Critical Minerals?
The answer may vary depending on who you ask, as a mineral that one country may consider critical, may be abundant for another, though as an example, the Australian Government considers 26 resource commodities to be critical minerals, and have been selected by assessing their own access to resources, in addition to the needs and capabilities of their trading partners. 

Some of these have become household names – such as Lithium and Graphite (both crucial ingredients in rechargeable batteries), whereas others aren’t as well-known but are integral to many of the luxuries of 21st century life – such as Niobium which is used to make super-conducting magnets in MRI machines.

Our analytists have prepared a useful overview of Critical Minerals in Australia containing;
  • Australian Geological Potential, 
  • Australian Economic Demonstrated Resources, 
  • Australian Production
  • World Mine production
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