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Navigating the COVID-19 crisis – cyber and technology risk – you are vulnerable

Navigating the COVID-19 crisis – cyber and technology risk – you are vulnerable

Moore Australia

The National Cyber security committee lifted on 25 March the threat preparedness level to level 4 – lean forward – which means that the threats and activity are escalating and likely to increase and organisations must increase their monitoring.

With the changing operating environment you now found your organisation in we want to ensure our clients are protected at this critical time.

Your business continuity is now 100% dependant on your technology.   

  • With the relocating of your staff and suppliers to working from home you will have open up your networks, systems, access and security.  This means you are more vulnerable than ever to cyber attack, fraud and breaches.
  • Your staff are working in a different environment and may relax their attention to security, privacy and data sharing. 
  • Your ICT staff will be at capacity providing support and will need assistance to monitor and respond to cyber and technology risks.

You will need to protect your organisation to keep it running by ensuring effective cyber and technology controls not just next few days but over the coming few months.

We have put together a list of the risks to focus on, mitigate and how we can help you with a continuous monitoring service.  We can assure, highlight your gaps and emerging risks and assist you to navigate this crisis.

Our governance and risk advisory practice is experienced, has capacity and knowledge to assist you throughout this time.