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Containers bring change to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Containers bring change to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Moore Australia

In a bid to engage tenants in recycling and separating recyclable containers from landfill waste, Exchange Tower Perth introduced an incentive scheme for businesses residing in the building. The tenant with the largest number of containers recycled through the scheme were then able to select the destination charity for proceeds from the recycling efforts of all tenants in the building.

Moore Australia (WA) is proud to announce it was the tenant with the largest number of recycled containers and have chosen the Australian Wildlife Conservancy as the charity of our choice.

Over the 12-month period that the Container Depot Scheme (CDS) program ran, Moore Australia (WA) produced a total amount of four tonnes of waste out of their tenancy at Exchange Tower. Of this total, 5% related to eligible containers collected through the CDS, which resulted in Moore Australia winning a CDS focused competition within Exchange Tower. 

In addition to this, Moore Australia (WA) was able to recycle approximately 1.8 tonnes of its total waste through recycling behaviours and water initiatives.

David Tomasi, Managing Partner of Moore Australia (WA) commented: “We are extremely pleased to be able to contribute in this way. Making sure we dispose of waste responsibly is a key element of our sustainable approach to doing business. Notwithstanding, we have a way to go in regards of using disposable containers. Although sometimes it can’t be helped, it is important to recognise that we can always do more. From bringing in keep-cups for our take-away coffee, to bringing our lunches in containers which can be re-used.”

“Apart from our recycling program, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint including partnering with sustainable friendly vendors and nonprofit organisations, and using environmentally friendly alternatives.”

“We have specifically chosen the Australian Wildlife Conservancy because of the work they do in protecting our environment and Australian wildlife. As a business we work hard to make sure we drive positive change, both inside and outside our office environment.”

“As with our Social Ambition initiative within the Moore Global network, we have committed to always be the driving force for positive social impact. Sustainability starts with everyday practice. We believe environmentally sustainable practices should be embedded into everyday operations within the Firm. By actively reducing waste, minimising consumption and taking an environmentally conscious approach, we can work together in helping to protect and conserve our environment, wildlife and natural habitats.”