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ASIC Extends 30 June 2022 Reporting Deadlines for Unlisted Entities

ASIC Extends 30 June 2022 Reporting Deadlines for Unlisted Entities

Kristen Haines

ASIC has just announced that they are extending the reporting deadlines unlisted entities with 30 June 2022 reporting obligations to ASIC by one month.  This involves year-ends and half-years ending between 24 June 2022 – 7 July 2022.

There has been no deferral of deadlines for listed entities, registered foreign entities or if your reporting date is outside the specified window.   ASIC has said they will continue to consider relief for other entities and balance dates on a case-by-case basis. 

This extension is likely to be beneficial as entities may have found meeting their reporting obligations challenging due to the current shortage of Accountants and Auditors in Australia. 

The reporting obligations have been deferred by 1 month. Therefore, if you have a 30 June 2022 balance date your new reporting deadlines will be:
Entity Reporting time frames
(and extension)
New Reporting Deadline
Chapter 2M reporting obligations    
  • Full year financial reports1
    • Unlisted Disclosing entity
    • Unregistered Scheme
    • Other unlisted entities (including Pty Ltd)
3 months + 1 month
3 months + 1 month
4 months + 1 month
31 October 2022
31 October 2022
30 November 2022
  • Half year financial reports1 for unlisted disclosing entities
75 days + 1 month 13 October 2022
AFSL Holders2    
  • Unlisted body corporates
    • Disclosing entities
    • Registered schemes
3 months + 1 month
3 months + 1 month
31 October 2022
31 October 2022
  • Other unlisted body corporates
4 months + 1 month 30 November 2022
  • Non body corporates
2 months + 1 month 30 September 2022

1 This includes the financial report, directors report and audit report
2 This covers chapter 7 reporting obligations of profit and loss, balance sheet and other associated information
Similar deferrals have been applied to related reporting obligations including requirements to send the financial report to members and to hold the AGM.  The lodgment date for compliance plan audit reports has also been extended by one month.   

Understanding your ASIC reporting obligations and deadlines can be challenging. For further information on the deferred reporting deadlines, refer to ASIC media release 22-187MR ASIC to extend deadlines for 30 June 2022 unlisted entity financial reports.   For further assistance with understanding your reporting obligations, please contact your local Moore Australia Advisor.