A Message from Steve Sakkas

Like many of you, I appreciate the opportunity December brings to take a breath and to take stock of the past year. This is especially true of 2019, when we continued to build upon our reputation as Australia’s fastest growing mid-tier firm, welcoming another 25 new team members into our ranks.

Of course, we could not have done so without the support of our clients, team members and business partners. I am sincerely thankful for your trust in our services. Your backing provides the foundation for our continued growth and we are confident we will deliver the same quality advice and support you have come to expect of us throughout 2019.

Expanded offering
Our expanded offering across mergers and acquisitions, legal services and our family office enable us to pursue new prospects and alternative paths for our clients, and there is no better feeling than to enter a new year knowing it promises significant opportunity.

In mergers and acquisitions, we’ve already had a significant number of our client’s businesses acquiring growth. This work has been aided with the appointment of director Benjamin Yeo and we’ve since undertaken regular discussions with many buyers and sellers across private, institutional and global organisations as well as private equity firms. These discussions have given us an excellent insight into their appetite for merger and acquisitions, as well as their divestment goals.

Together with Ben and his team, we’ve also been able to leverage Moore Stephens Victoria’s broader experience to ensure our merger and acquisition advice is paired with technically sound valuations and rigorous analysis of financial due diligence issues. It’s a great example of the cross-collaboration currently happening within the firm.

Similarly, our new legal services offering is proving to be especially compatible with accounting, tax and advisory services. Our clients have embraced the advice of new Director, Alex Nielsen, as they employ increasingly complex structures to manage their personal and business affairs. As the business environment evolves and becomes progressively complex and litigious, I expect the demand for accountants and lawyers to work closely together will only heighten.

While we have made a conscious effort to build our capacity to deliver a more holistic service, this has not been at the expense of tailored advice. In particular, our Family Office division has expanded its services with the help of new Associate Director, Lucie McKenna, to develop effective strategies that are unique to each family. Incorporating tax structures, legal, estate planning, trusts, philanthropic investment and succession planning, the division assists business owners to overcome financial challenges to create enduring prosperity for future generations.

Rapid technological change is also requiring our clients to continuously innovate their business models, and this is where Sergiy Kucherenko’s expertise has been a welcomed addition to our office. Not only does his team provide valuable bookkeeping services for clients so that they have more time and money to focus on their business, he’s able to analyse data to pinpoint their key financial drivers. He’s been instrumental in our decision to make a substantial investment in new online platforms so that we’re aligned with the latest business intelligence technology.

Clarity of purpose
I am a firm believer that innovation achieves its greatest impact when it’s coupled with a clarity of purpose. I recently returned from Rome where I attended Moore Global CEO Conference and it served to reinforce the values central to our business. Our aim is not to become the world’s biggest or most powerful global network, but the most respected. We want to be recognised by our main stakeholders as the network with high-quality standards, exceptional client service, smartly applied innovation and outstanding human qualities of kindness, trust, and integrity.

Next year, our vision will be embodied by a new global brand, with the Moore Stephens Australia network set to become Moore. It’s our version of a new year’s makeover and positions us a modern, globally connected advisory and accounting network.

Our global links are especially vital as traditional businesses continue to be disrupted and the impacts of new technologies are realised. None of us can predict what 2020 will bring but what is certain and what is captured so brilliantly in this well-known quote is that ‘you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow’.

Our team looks forward to serving you to build a stronger organisation during 2020 and beyond. Season’s greetings to you and your families and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

Steve Sakkas
Chief Executive Officer