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All news by: Tony Ince

Medical Practices and Payroll Tax - a rapidly evolving issue

A recent payroll tax case heard in New South Wales has confirmed growing concerns that other states will begin treating medical professionals under a service agreement as employees for payroll tax purposes. While we understand that the case is being appealed, it is a wake-up call for all medical practices to review their agreements to reduce the potential for payroll tax assessments, which can go back many years.  

Property and Taxes - GST Lessons for all Property Transactions

Over the years, several goods and services tax (GST) disputes have been brought before the Courts and they continue to this day. Some disputes involve the Commissioner, but many involve the parties to the transaction.  Disputes involving the Commissioner generally involve the question of whether GST is payable or whether the margin scheme can apply. Disputes involving the parties to the transaction generally do not involve the question of whether GST is payable, but rather as to who is to bear the ultimate liability for GST.

Property and Taxes: land tax and principal residence - grey nomads beware

We have had a number of enquires recently about how the “principal residence” exemption for land tax applies when you are away from home on 30 June (the date land tax is assessed in Western Australia), and you have rented out the home in your absence.