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Queensland $400 million land tax relief package

Queensland $400 million land tax relief package

Kerry Bebendorf

From Tuesday 14 April, landowners can apply for land tax relief if;
  • You rent all or part of a property to a tenant, or if all or part of your property is currently available for lease; and
  • At least one of your tenants has been negatively affected by COVID-19 affecting their ability to pay normal rent, or your ability to secure a tenant is affected by COVID-19; and
  • You provide rent relief to an affected tenant proportionate to the amount of land tax rebate, or if the property is unable to be leased and you require land tax relief to meet financial obligations of owning the property; and
  • You comply with the new leasing requirements, even if the relevant lease is not regulated. 
Eligible landowners who have already paid their 2020 financial year land tax will be offered a 25% rebate. The foreign land tax surcharge will not be applied for the 2020 financial year, and will apply again in 2021. 

Those landowners who are yet to be issued with their 2020 land tax assessment will be issued an assessment for their full land tax liability without the foreign surcharge, and will be reissued with a new assessment reflecting the 25% discount if they make an appropriate declaration.

Land tax assessments for 30 June 2020 will be deferred by three months for eligible landowners. 

Full details and applications can be found on the Queensland government