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A better workplace

A better workplace

Tim Cheong

A focus on good debt/bad debt allows for investing a sizeable portion of the Budget into infrastructure; creating in excess of 50,000 jobs directly and indirectly from 2017 to 2030 and onwards. Major projects include:
  • Western Sydney Airport
  • Melbourne-to-Brisbane Inland Rail
  • National Rail Program
Implementation of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa following the abolishment of the 457 visa will create incentives to prioritise Australian workers. Employers who nominate foreign workers for this visa will pay a levy; generating revenue for the Skilling Australians Fund which will replace the existing unsuccessful training benchmarks. The Skilling Australians Fund assists financing apprenticeships and traineeships while allowing for employers to meet critical needs for their businesses where Australian skill sets are not available.

The introduction of various reforms will see disadvantaged Australians receive appropriate support to acquire and retain employment. With a focus on indigenous and vulnerable new parents through ParentNext services; appropriate pathways to employment and formal education will be achieved through childcare and pre-employment training, literacy and numeracy classes and financial management.

To improve workforce participation, the Job Seeker Compliance Framework will create stronger penalties for those abusing the Work for the Dole owner must have borrowed money to purchase the property and the net rental income must be less than the costs of maintaining the property.