Accounting for the Healthcare Industry


Adam Dyson, a Partner at Moore Stephens New South Wales, has learnt a thing or two over the years about good health from health industry clients, among them podiatrists, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

And the key learning that applies just as much to all of his clients’ business health as it does their physical and mental wellness is that prevention is better than cure.

As Adam puts it, symptoms to a real problem won’t just go away when ignored.

“Be in front of your numbers. Don’t wait until you have a tax return due to see your accountant,” he says, explaining that pre-emptive strategies – like preventive medicine – can help a business’s tax and financial position.

For Adam, marking his 17th year with Moore Stephens New South Wales in 2016, the greatest compliment he can hear is that he has reduced a client’s stress levels.

“At Moore Stephens New South Wales, my goal is to simplify clients’ lives in terms of their tax and finances. They don’t have to worry about compliance. They don’t have to be tied to the computer at night working on business activity statements or tax returns. They can enjoy the lifestyle they work for – and stress less.”